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5 Tips For Playing Golf In Cold Weather
By Terry D Woodhouse

The UK, as we all know, is the home of golf with some of the best and well known courses in the world. The Belfry, Troon, Royal Birkdale and of course St Andrews, strike both fear and passion into the hearts of true golfers around the world. There is nothing to match the history and wealth of knowledge available at British golf courses. But as we all know, golf weekends in the UK during the winter months can be cold and wet. So taking precautions is a must in order to ensure our golf weekends go well.

So here are 5 tips to put the spring into your winter golf.

1: Watch Your Swing
Colder air is denser than warm so it is therefore heavier. When you plan your weekend golf break remember to take this into account, it sounds funny but there are many golf players who live in warm countries, and have terrible games when coming to a colder climate. The reason is simple, the ball travels less distance in colder air, so the player naturally attempts to hit it harder. This is sometimes known as "topping" the ball, as the swing is adjusted to take the extra force, the club grazes the top of the ball instead of hitting it square. It's better to think about position rather than distance to keep your swing accurate in colder weather.

2: Keep Warm
Keeping warm on your golf weekends is essential if you're in a cooler country. Sounds obvious but the number of players turning up at The Belfry in the depths of November whilst sporting a snazzy new Galvin Green shirt and nothing much else, tells you that even the pro golfers get caught out. It may be exercise, but golf isn't going to keep you warm enough to fend off the British weather.

3: Warm Up
A 20 minute bash on the driving range before a round of golf can get everything up and running, you're less likely to get cramp or injure your shoulders with warm joints. A quick warm up will make your chilly day that much better.

4: Walkies
There is no point going to the lengths of warming up and wearing layers if you intend to drive a golf caddy around get on your feet and be brave. By walking the course you will warm up and your golf weekends will instantly turn into great exercise as well.

5: Smile
If you leave for your golf weekend in the UK with a cold weather frown, chances are the weekend will be a disaster. Golf is golf and you can have a great game if you just prepare a little. Don't let a fickle thing like the weather change your mind about playing our great game.
Some of your best rounds can be played on a beautiful crisp winter day, just take the time to consider the conditions and your clothing and you'll really enjoy your golf weekend away.

As a keen golfer I love to play my beloved 18 holes as often as I can, come rain or shine and in the UK that can quite often be rain. I have many thoughts about how to prepare for and play the perfect game - this article focuses on how I deal with the typical British winter weather (without escaping to Spain or Portugal).

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A True Fans Guide to the U.K.'s Finest Golf
By Kevin Holinaty

There are few thoughts more alluring to the avid golfer than a journey back to where the game began and a round on any of the truly legendary European golf courses the continent has to offer. While you're waiting for those rounds to materialize, Southwest Greens Europe invites you to bring the game home with you with our residential and commercial golf greens. Made from the finest artificial grass in the industry, our surfaces recall the best European putting greens have to offer. And without further ado, let's get you up close and personal with some of the courses of your dreams.

What can be said about Scotland's St. Andrews that hasn't already been said? Perhaps the world's most famous course and often referred to as spiritual home of golf, St. Andrews' old course dates back to the 12th century. It's been said that every true golfer should play this course at least once, and those who do and are familiar with their golf history will partake in some of the finest European golf greens and marvel at landmarks like the 17th hole, the road hole, that may just be the most famous hole in the world.

If Northern Ireland is on the itinerary, then so must be a round at Royal County Down. Located at Newcastle near the Irish Sea and at the feet of the Mountains of Mourne, Royal County Down first opened for play in 1889, and with naturally undulating fairways, small greens, and winds that are ever-shifting it promises the stiffest of challenges no matter the measure of your game. In fact, at more than 7,000 yards in length this historic course stands as one of the most challenging and majestic in all the U.K.

Like Royal County Down, England's Royal Birkdale Golf Club first opened for play in 1889. If a club were judged on the importance of the events it has hosted then Royal Birkdale would be at the top of anybody's list. In fact, the Ryder Cup, Walker Cup, Ladies British Open Championship, and the British Open Championship (eight times) have all called this course home. Those who choose to play here should be ready for a golf outing that promises to challenge on every level. Those up to the challenge, however, will most assuredly come away having enjoyed arguably England's finest golf experience.

Be ready when the day arrives when you find yourself teeing off on any of these legendary courses. Lay the groundwork for a great short game with your own personal putting green courtesy of Southwest Greens Europe today.

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